Be Worthy
Strategic Planning

Be Worthy

A national survey found that highly successful nonprofits credit strategic planning and management to their overall success to a greater extent than lower success organizations. 93 percent of successful organizations report that strategic planning has "some critical impact" on overall success, whereas only 48 percent of low-success organizations report such impact.

Strategic and program plans are only good to the extent that they can effectively inform and guide implementation. But many nonprofits and corporations still struggle to move their strategic plans off the shelf and to have them play a relevant role in the management of the organization and its programs, on a daily basis.

But ultimately having a plan does not guarantee program success. Organizations must overcome the critical challenge achieving high program performance in the face of change, uncertainty, and limited resources. They need tools that will allow them to respond to those changes while remaining true to their core strategic objectives.

VALEO also helps clients to build and refine their infrastructure and organizational culture to deliver more-effective programs and services. We focus on identifying techniques and tools that allow client teams to solve problems, grow capacity, and achieve their goals and objectives.

VALEO believes being worthy means effectively engaging in strategic planning activities, implementing plans, and provides a range of services to help clients do so:

Strategic Planning
Resource Planning
Program Planning
Performance-based Budgeting
Logic Model
Theory of Change



Be Able
Stakeholder Engagement

Be Able

Organizations have to effectively communicate with a range of stakeholders in an ever quickening 24/7 online and real world environment. They must effectively tell a story to employees, investors, decision makers, elected officials, media or overcome opponents in real-time, to drive desired change. Yet too often organizations fail to build and execute strategic stakeholder engagement plans based upon data for a host of reasons:

  • They do not know what they are really trying to accomplish
  • Assumptions generally drive planning instead of data
  • Execution is not SMART

And instead, they do not pause to articulate the desired change, basing plans on gut instinct and lacking ability or bandwidth to execute engagement.

VALEO helps make clients “able” by providing the space for thoughtful planning and the expertise and resource to drive execution. Services fall in the public relations, public affairs, employee communication, Corporate Social Responsibility, crisis and organizational management categories.

VALEO believes that thoughtful strategic planning and effective stakeholder engagement based upon the I4 Model will deliver the desired results:


Be Valid

Be Valid

In order to achieve organizational and program goals and objectives, organization staff teams must conduct systematic and timely program reviews. Indeed, funders, shareholders and ownership are increasingly asking grantees and companies to demonstrate results in quantifiable terms and to subject their programs to formal evaluations.

Unfortunately, many organizations forego this necessary step due to fear of working with data, lack of technical skills, or heavy workloads.

VALEO helps clients be valid by providing them with a proprietary plan builder that requires identification of metrics and measures for all strategic and program goals and objectives. This makes it much easier to create data collection and performance monitoring systems that support effective program management.

The plan builder incorporates many of the questions asked by those with expectations, thus ensuring that all phases (planning and design, implementation and management, measurement and monitoring, and evaluation and reporting) are seamlessly integrated and mutually supportive.

The benefits of this approach include the ability to identify poor performance early and to make needed course corrections, and less effort and time needed for final evaluations and reports.



New Logo to Mark Our Second Anniversary!

VALEO turns two years-old today and we decided it was time to freshen things up a bit with the official launch of our brand new logo! The new design is sleeker, and minimizes the number of colors that comprised the previous logo. The black, blues and gray – and the three “bars” in the VALEO […]

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Delivering Your Great Moments

The Moon Shot, the first flight at Kitty Hawk, eradicating polio…they all have one thing in common: the architects and implementers had a well-crafted plan, worked collaboratively and communicated effectively, and evaluated and reported results to inform future activity. The VALEO team is committed to bringing these core elements to our client work, ensuring their great moments in history are realized.